Juan de Zumárraga.


Juan de Zumárraga Bio:

Juan de Zumárraga was born in Durango, in the Basque country of northern Spain. Juan de Zumárraga joined the Franciscan order,he ultimately becoming the guardian of the convent of Abrojo, near Valladolid.

Juan de Zumárraga achievements:

He also served as a local inquisitor in efforts to suppress heresy in Castile. In 1528 he was approached by Charles V to become the bishop of the Mexico. Zumárraga sailed for Mexico before he could be consecrated. He left Spain and decided to come back in the years of 1532 & 1534 he returned to Spain where he was considered a Bishop. A smart and Spanish Colonial and died June 03, 1548 in Mexico City, Mexico. He's an important person in life and some how knows the Guadalupe from Mexico Jesus's Mother and has some connection with her.

Source Citation:

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