3 European countries

In these slides you are about to read is about 3 different countries throughout Europe, they are Spain, Italy, and Greece. They are all very different from one another in many different ways like temperature, culture, and food. thank you for reading my European countries project.

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Italy is most well known for its food and its tourist attractions but it is also known for these famous brands like Armani, Ferrari, and Generali. Italy has a republic government that is limited and has European Union members. The leader of Italy is Giorgio Napolitano he has ruled them for many years. An other thing about Italy is that they have a lot of farm land because Italy is filled with fields and pastures.

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Spain has a very common religion in Europe they are mainly Catholic and they speak Spanish. They have a very strong musical culture and a very religious culture. Spain has a very warm climate all year around which helps with the large crops they like to grow there.

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Greece is the smallest country out of my three. It only has 11.28 million people and only 20% o the land is arable land. Greece has a GDP of 249.1 billion which is really small compared to Italy and Spain. Greece can get very hot and dry in the summer but in the winter it gets very rainy and very cold.