Australian Prime ministers


Joseph Cook

Joseph Cook was Australia's sixth prime minister he was elected in 1913 and decommissioned in 1914 during his time in office he represented the Labor party. He was only in office for 15 months and he did not introduce any major policies.

John Curtin

John Curtin was Australia's fourteenth prime minister and was regarded as one of the best because of his achievements during most of WW2. he represented the Labor party. He was not only a great Wartime leader but had plans for post war reconstruction like improved social security planning for full employment and assisted immigration. Unfortunately he died on the fifth of July 1945 six weeks before the Japanese surrendered.

Gough Whitlam

Gough Whitlam served as Australia's twenty first prime minister he served in the labor party. During his time he did some great things like made racism illegal. He was dismissed on the eleventh of November 1975.