Can you HANDle it?!

April 25th 8:00 pm


At a social gathering in a nearby park, Caitlyn decides to take her sister Seneca to meet new people. The thing is, not that many people are aware of her phobia of shaking people's hands. She expresses to her sister the non-awareness of people's hands and where they have been. Half way through the social gathering, Seneca "disappears" and finds new people named Sue and Allan, who have the same fear as Seneca. Soon enough Caitlyn realizes her sister is missing and starts a search for Seneca.


Seneca- She is the main character throughout the play, who has a huge fear of shaking people's hand.

Sue- another girl who has a fear of shaking people's hand. She has developed this phobia from her mother.

Allan- Sue's brother with the same fear, developed from their mother.

Caitlyn- Seneca's sister who is embarressed to be with her.

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