Time Travel

Iman Shaikh

The Mysteries of Time Travel

Time travel is a very interesting and complex concept. It makes you wonder how a certain change in the past could affect the present or future. There are many plausible theories that people have come with about time travel. Some people believe we can travel through time by using vehicles, sheer speed or force, or black holes. Even Albert Einstein has his own theory about time travel, using his Theory of General Relativity. Time paradoxes, different timelines, even parallel worlds are possibilities. Time travel can also branch off into bunch of different subjects, such as science, math, and literature.
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How the Idea of Time Travel Came to Be

Scientists came up with the theory that if we're able to move freely in all three dimensions of our three-dimensional world, it could be possible to move freely through time, the possible fourth dimension.

Facts About Time

  • As mentioned before, time is the 4th dimension.
  • Time and space are very closely tied together.
  • Since we're 3 dimensional, we can't physically see time because it's the 4th dimension.

Sightings of Time Travel

There is an urban legend, that a man named Rudolph Fentz from the 1800s accidentally time traveled to the future, 1951. There is a lot of evidence proving this to be true, such as the items in his possession. He had a bill for the care of a horse and washing of a carriage, letter from 1876, seventy dollars and business cards. All of these didn't have signs of aging. He was also dressed in a late 1800s fashion. There was even evidence of a man matching his description having disappeared in the 1800s.

On August 10, 1901, two female students, whom were visiting the gardens of Petit Trianon, experienced a time slip. They saw Marie Antoinette and others from the French Revolution.

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Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein's theory about time travel is that it's relative or can vary for different people depending on their speed through space. He beleives that time is the "fourth dimension."
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Other Time Travel Theories

There are many other time travel theories besides Einstein's, such as the infinite cylinder. Frank Tipler, an astronomer, came up with a device that could take matter and roll it into a long, dense cylinder. A spaceship, if it followed a certain spiral around the cylinder, could on a "closed, time-like curve." There are limits to this method, though. For example, the cylinder needs to be extremely long for it to work.

Here are some other bizarre, but interesting, theories others have come up with.

  • Time hasn't always existed.
  • Time is slowing down.
  • Time may stop.
  • Black holes are portals into other timelines or pocket dimensions.
  • Parallel worlds exist, and branch off depending on the different choices we make in our lives.


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