Kellie Roth


Keynote is a presentation making software. In Keynote you can add many effects to your presentation.


Builds are the way your text and graphics enter and leave. This is a very fun way to be creative on your presentation. Keynote offers many different builds to pick from.


Transitions are the way your slide enters. There are so may different varieties that it is hard to pick which one you want! This is way to enhance your presentation and make it more eye catching.

Running Automatically

You can also make your presentation run automatically. Doing this will let you take in front of your audience instead of sitting behind a computer. To do this, go to your inspector, click on the yellow side-ways diamond, at the bottom select more options, and then click the drop down bar and select automatic. Repeat this for everything you want to run automatically.

Adding Audio

You can also add audio to your keynote so you do not have to talk at all! To do this go to inspector, select document, click on audio, and then record.