Monday Memo April 4

This week's Wyatt h APP enings~

Spring Fling/Roo Run

Spring Fling/Roo Run is really coming together! Thanks for everything you are doing to make it happen. PTA is doing a great job keeping everyone informed and have helped clear up the confusion we had in the beginning. Many of you have already hit your class target and that means a Rusty Taco lunch for you! I hope everyone is a member of our PTA Facebook Group. That's where you will see the updates and photos of the baskets. If you are not a member please join.

Library Schedule - a message from Angela

This week is an 'A' Week which means business as usual.

Next week is a 'B' Week which is just a check out time. That means you will need to stay with your class and may need to help them check out their books in the 'Quiet Zone'. Mrs. Armstrong may be with another class in the library or helping out in a classroom during your 'B' Week time.

Please consider signing up to collaborate with Angela A during the 'B' Weeks. She is available for classroom support, research, MakerSpace activities, and more.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

MakerSpace update!

The wonderful thing about today's technology is that we can take it anywhere! Kindergarten got to experience coding on Friday thanks to Angela's flexibility and willingness to bring our MakerSpace Ozobots to Kinder! They were able to incorporate this fun MakerSpace activity into Big Center Time! They had a blast!.

I would like every student to experience MakerSpace sometime this school year. So, please get on Angela's schedule. B weeks are the perfect time to get the kids in there. She will be putting together a mini video to prep you on what your role is while at MakerSpace and what tools are available to the kids. If you know you are going to be out, this isn't something I would want a sub to do with the kids. I would like you to be in there with your own students.

Angela is making herself available to all teachers during her B Weeks, especially. She will try to attend as many planning periods as she can. But, even if she's not in your meeting, think of ways that she can assist you - as she said in her message (above) Teamwork makes the dream work!

Adjusted Lunch Periods

Thanks for your flexibility with the adjusted schedule for lunch. It seemed to work out very well! Refer to last week's MM to continue to follow it.


The 1st Grade Program is Tuesday evening with a General Membership Meeting of the PTA starting at 7:00. I would appreciate it if at least one person from each team attend this meeting if at all possible.

1st grade will be performing for the school on Wednesday at 2:10ish. They would love for the rest of the school to see their show if you feel you can make it.

Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Volunteer Appreciation Week is the last week in April. We will be having a breakfast on Friday, April 29 that will give our volunteers flexibility to stop by sometime

between 7:30 - 9:00. You will also be able to stop in and say hi...etc. I think it would be nice if we had some things made by the kids to say thank you - place mats, banners, cards? Any other ideas? Let me know asap if you have thoughts on this. Otherwise, my idea is that we have a variety, with each grade level doing something different. We might even get students to play piano or violin while guests are here... just a thought. More on that later.


This is something we need to complete this month and Chris has already contacted you if you will be needed to fill out any portion of the evaluation. If your kids go to Wyatt, please be sure to fill out the parent survey that has been posted in the Wyatt Wire the last few weeks. I'll be putting it in again this week. In case you have forgotten, here's the background on CSEAS:

About the Community and Student Engagement Accountability System (CSEAS)

Accountability systems in Texas for the last 20 years have been based upon state standardized tests. Passage of House Bill 5 by the Texas Legislature in 2013 changed accountability rating systems by including the measurement of several program areas that have meaning and relevance to the community.

Requirements of HB5 state that each school district shall evaluate the district's performance and the performance of each campus and assign the district and each campus a performance rating of exemplary, recognized, acceptable or unacceptable for both overall performance and each individual evaluation factor.

Evaluation Factor Areas

  • Fine Arts
  • Wellness and Physical Education
  • Community and Parental Involvement
  • 21st Century Workforce Development Program
  • Second Language Acquisition Program
  • Digital Learning Environment
  • Dropout Prevention Strategies
  • Educational Programs for Gifted and Talented Students
  • Record of District and Campus Compliance with Statutory Reporting and Policy Requirements

The process by which Plano ISD met the HB5 requirements included formation of a CSEAS district committee which included sub-committee chairs for each factor area. Sub-committees comprised school and district staff members, school principals and PTA leaders.

T-TESS Domain II

Please review the attached PDF - if you have questions, please write them down. Chris and I are going to a three-day training (April 26 - 28) which should help us understand all we need to know about the new evaluation system - as you read through these ppt's write your questions down and send to me so we can be sure to get them answered at our training. I will also send an email attachment with this ppt.



4 - STAAR ALT begins

5 - Cindy out AM:1st Grade Program 7:00 PTA General Meeting;

6 - Principal Meeting; 1st Grade Performance 2:00ish

7 - Retirement Banquet/Superintendent Awards 5:00 Southfork

8 - CSEAS Rating Teams meet

11 - Student Council Meeting 2:30 - 3:30


16 - ROO RUN/Spring Fling


26 - 28 Cindy and Chris at T-TESS training

26 - Faculty Council


29 - Volunteer Appreciation


4 - Principal Meeting

7 - Bond Election

9 - STAAR Math 3rd, 4th, 5th retake

10 - STAAR Reading 3rd, 4th, 5th retake

11 - STAAR Science 5th

13 - PTA Board Meeting; Student Council Speeches Due

18 - Donna's Retirement Party

19 - Student Council Election; Choir Concert

23 - Sandy Lake

24 - TL Retreat

25 - Senior Reunion

26 - Field Day

27 - Campus PDH Day