Fine Artist

By: Huong L.

Training and Education


The trainings or skills that you need to become a fine artist is artistic, creativity, dexterity, interpersonal, business, and customer service abilities.


Most fine artist earns a Bachelor's or Master's degree. A Bachelor's degree takes 4 years to get and a Master's takes 2 to 3 years, so you might attend college/university for about 10 or 11 years.

Cluster: Fine Arts

Work Environment

Where they work:

Fine artists can work anywhere. It can be indoors or outdoors or even in their own office, it depends on what kind of project they're working on.

How they dress:

Fine artists can dress normally. They don't have to wear a formal dress or an outfit, they can dress casually or normally.

Do they work independently or group work:

Fine artists work independently.

Job Description


Fine artists get $44,400 per year and $21.35 per hour. They usually work full time which is fine but if you don't want to work full time then its okay, you'll still get money.

Job Outlook:

The job outlook depends on the overall state economy. The job growth is 2 percent, and could be limited.

Responsibilities of a fine artist:

·You must develop creative ideas for making art

·Select, shape, cut, or joint materials to guide work

·Use visual techniques

·Complete grand proposals/ applications

·Display your artwork