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Ethan Shoemaker

Fill In The Blank With The Appropriate Word From Lesson 5

Due to the endless vastness of space, it is ______________ to know the exact number of life-sustaining planets found within the universe.
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The Word

imponderable (adj.)

- Unable to be assessed or measured precisely.



pendo, pendere, pependi, pensum - "to cause to hang down," "to weigh"

pondero, ponderare, ponderavi, ponderatum - "to weigh"











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Weather is an imponderable factor, even though it is presented daily on the news by meteorologists in charts such as this one.

Origin of the World

The word imponderable originated first in Medieval Latin as the word imponderablilis and the first known use was recorded in 1794.

Choose The Letter Of The Sentence In Which The Word In Bold-Faced Type Is Used Incorrectly

A. The incorrect prediction from the Mayans for the world to end in 2012 further proves that the exact time for it to do so is imponderable.

B. During his daily exercises in math class, Jimmy performed the imponderable calculation of exactly 26 marbles in the bag.

C. Lacking the adequate astronomical equipment in the Renaissance, many thought that the distance from the Earth to the Sun was an imponderable measurement.

D. Since numbers are infinite, the exact number of solutions to a quadratic equation remains imponderable.

The correct answer is letter B since Jimmy was able to determine an exact amount in regards to the numbers of marbles withheld in the bag.