Sunday Announcements

January 31, 2016

GIN System

This is where announcements will be posted in the future!

PRESIDENT Jen Mandelblatt

Hi Everyone!

It was wonderful seeing all of you today. Reminder that COMPOSITE PHOTOS ARE ON WEDNESDAY!! Sign up for a slot here:

Keep your eyes open for an email on Wednesday regarding the chapter meeting changes we discussed today. Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas!

Much love in AOT,


VP Member Education Elise Czuchna

Hello everyone!

PC '16 is amazing! They are all so cool (way too cool for me), and they are so excited to be a part of Kappa Delta. So many of them have been going to the events that we've been having, and I know that they are really enjoying their first week as a part of our sisterhood. That being said, it would be amazing if you all could try to make it to as many events as possible. These girls are so eager to get to know all of us and to spend time with their KD Sisters. Y'all are required to attend three events during this period, and it's really for the benefit of the New Members. I don't want them to feel as though they are solely joining their pledge class, but I want them to know that they are entering into a Sisterhood. I think the best way to make them feel more loved is for them to be surrounded by their sisters. Especially for mixers, I think that, in order to get them to continue attending mixers after New Member Period has finished (Social Prestige!!!), we have to prove to them that mixers are worth attending and that we all go!

Here is the calendar for New Member Period. And if you all have any suggestions or comments, please reach out to me. Like I said, I want this to be the best New Member Period possible, and I want us all to be a part of this exciting time for them!




Please fill out this survey to give feedback about spirit week and FMR! I want next year to be a great experience for all of us!

peace, love, should i think of a new sign-off now that i am a different vp???,


VP PR Imani Sanders

Hi everyone!

Lunch in letters: WEDNESDAY 10-11:30am @ Trillium with Thai, & THURSDAY 1pm @ Trillium with me,

Don't forget to wear your KD best this Wednesday, and keep sending snaps to kappadeltacu!



Hey Everyone!

This is just a reminder about what we covered before break!

We are now completely transitioned over to GIN. If you are not on, get on. All official announcements will be posted there. Any important logistical announcements from all members of the chapter will be posted on the chapter wall (also on GIN). This includes apparel distribution, last minute time changes, etc. The Facebook page will only be used for fun things like "Hey I have a concert tonight and you should come!" or "I'm doing ____ for ____ charity and it would be awesome if y'all could support it." If you are unsure where to post something, let me know!

***Points forms will now be open for two weeks at a time, rather that 1. This will give you more time to fill them out, but please try to get them done within the firs week. If you do not complete the points forms within this two week period, you will forfeit any of those points that you earned. There will be NO exceptions. ***

There is a new points breakdown effective immediately:

Overall: 20 points will still be required

(3 points) Sisterhood

  • Attend 3 sisterhood events (1 point each)

(3 points) New Member period

  • Attend at least 1 dry mixer (1 point)
  • Attend at least 2 of the optional new member events (1 point each)

(4 points) Philanthropy

  • Attend 1 girl scout event (1 point)
  • Attend 1 other Kappa Delta philanthropy event (1 point)
  • 2 external philanthropy events (1 point each) send photo proof to Miranda. These cannot be affiliated with Kappa Delta. External Philanthropy is supporting philanthropies of other on-campus organizations.

(10 points) Can be fulfilled by going above the requirement in any of the above categories or with anything listed below:

  • Sober monitor for mixers (2 points) - you still need to sober once a semester
  • Support a sister (1 point) – Support a sister is attending an event that a sister is hosting or working on. Acceptable events are things like concerts. This will be much stricter this semester.
  • Trivia (1 point) maximum of 5
  • Pre-mixer clothing swap/bonding (1 point) – Send photo proof to Katie. The photo must include all of the girls in the foyer of the house (not in individual rooms) or a photo from the pre-mixer bonding that will be happening weekly in college town.
  • Lunch in letters (1 point) – 1 per week

Seniors will only be required to have 15 points, but must still fulfill all of the required points in each of the mandatory categories. Basically, that means that for "other" you only need to get 5 points.

The penalty for not fulfilling the points requirement has changed. If you do not meet the points requirement, you will automatically be required to sober formal, whether or not you were planning on attending. If for some reason you cannot attend, you will be required to find someone to take your place. To avoid this, fulfill the points requirements! On top of this, the sobers for formal will be tentatively chosen two weeks before formal (aka if you don't have enough points, you will be told you are sobering at this time), and one week before formal, they will be official. This means that you MUST have all points completed preferably two weeks before, but certainly ONE WEEK before formal.

We will still be using the sober pool for mixers, formal, slope day, etc., and you are still required to sober 1 time per semester. The same rules as this semester will apply.

Points will no longer be awarded for attending mixers (with the exception of dry mixers). Instead, pre-mixer bonding points will be awarded. The idea is that everyone can head over to the mixer together afterwards.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!



FINANCE Arielle Anderer

Hello Kappa Deltas,

Guess what? MAGAZINE SALE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED!!!! You now have until February 15th so take advantage of the opportunity to sell your $40 worth!

To set up your own page:

  1. 1) Go to your the omega chi webpage:

  2. 2) Click “Are you a member of this group? Join the campaign!”

  3. 3) Follow the three simple steps provided on the site to personalize your fundraising page.

  4. 4) Share your personalized fundraising page URL via email, Facebook and Twitter. This URL can be found when you log in to the campaign on the right-hand side above your group goal.

ALSO please get your receipts to me in my mailbox, or in my email inbox (!

All Of The $$$$,


Other Announcements


Welcome back everyone!! The theme of the week is ~confidence~ brought to you by our faves Winnie the Pooh and Beyonce. Also chaplain recommendation: get the Chrome extension Momentum for inspirational quotes and stunning pics everytime you open a new tab :) Have spectacular weeks!!

AOT hol-tini


Hey hey everybody! Let's work out together!

Gymming in letters this week @ Helen Newman:

Monday 7AM-8AM

Wednesday 7AM-8AM



Mixers this wknd:

Thurs - AGR Line dancing WET 10pm


Sat - SAMMY wet mixer 10pm


XOXO weenie, emma