Eco Friendliest House


About the Outside of the House

The outside of the house will have Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, and Thermal Panels they are your energy source for the home, it will reduce wasted energy, help the environment, and is sustainable for future generations. For the location of the house, it would be located at the, The Temperature Deciduous Forest Biome. It will be built there because it's a perfect place to farm or to have a garden outside your house. Some plants that would best fit the environment would be the Guelder Rose, Lady Fern, and Northern Arrowwood. If you are going to farm in your house the best plants to farm would the Limes, Pecans, Tawny Milksap Mushrooms, and Sassafras. For fertilizers if you are going to use it, only use during the time around fall and near winter. As for pesticides should be only be used during the time of late spring and summer. All should be bought in the farm so no toxic chemicals would be soaked into the ground and into your plants. To help the environment even more transportation should be a bike but for long distance a smart car or just a electric car would be the best. To make the house more energy efficient managing the waste by using the 3 R's reduce, reuse, and recycle also composing leftovers would help. Other ways of managing waste energy is having a composting toilet, heat recycling ventilation, and triple glazed solar windows are just other ways of managing waste.

About the Inside of the House

Inside the house would have all appliances you will to do everything necessary in a home but in a eco friendly. We use appliances such as EnergyStar's dryer, their dyer use less k.w.h then normal dryers. To power all of the appliances we use hydroelectricity, wind turbines and solar panels. But although the house is eco friendly they are 3 chemicals in the house that can be toxic towards us and our pets:

1. Ammonia ( NH3) they are usually found in bathrooms, oven cleaning products and windows.

2. Sodium Hydrate (NaOH) they are usually found in the drain sink and bathtub and toilet bowl cleaners.

3. Lead (Pb) they are usually found in toothpastes, paint, makeup and sunscreen.

Those chemicals are in the periodic table:

1. Hydrogen in Non-Metals

2. Sodium in Alkali Metals

3. Oxygen in Non-Metals

4. Lead in Post-Transition Metals

Sodium Hydrate contains Sodium which is a metal, Oxygen which is a non-metal, and Hydrogen which is also a non-metal.

In your home all of your lightbulbs would LED lightbulbs as they don't take up too much energy and k.w.h then normal lightbulbs. To add something special in your home you can impress your friends be saying that these items were invented by space exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions & NEEDING HELP

Every house bought or built will support the endangered species the Barn Owls. We sponsor the Barn owls because their homes of the barn owls are disappearing because of all the deforestation, the house will help them as it's eco friendly, doesn't use that much wood and doesn't take up much space as most houses.

Some questions we get a lot is "How much does it cost?" and "how is it green?"

Lets start off with "How much does it cost?" well since the house is eco friendly it is a bit more pricey than normal houses. But all is wroth it as it does help the environment and is longer lastly than normal houses.

Another question was "How is it green?" it's green because the grass can be a lot greener if every one bought the eco friendliest house. But the house is green because the house does help with the environment and supports the Barn Owls.