Step into Senior!

You've Got What It Takes To Hit Senior Stylist in 60 Days!

Someone thinks you're pretty incredible!

Someone recommended you for our "Step into Senior Stylist Promote to Senior Stylist by Hoopla" pilot program! You have either received an email inviting you to this exclusive group or maybe you spoke to your up-line because you want to reach the next level of S&D in a short amount of time. We are thrilled that you are ready to make the commitment to have a strategic game plan for the next 8 weeks.

Kristen and I decided to partner up and connect our team members because we believe in the "strength in numbers" concept AND it's really fun to get to know how other Stylists are building their businesses. We will be sharing 3 actionable items each week during our 15 minute SS call. We will be cheering and supporting you all the way and will do everything in our power to help get you to Senior Stylist by Hoopla! Some fun incentives will be thrown into the mix so be ready each week to implement the 3 building blocks/challenges we discuss and dare yourself to think and dream BIG!

What does it take to promote to Senior Stylist?

Think of a 3 layer cake: Personal Sales, Team Sales, 2+ Qualified 1st line stylists

Personal Sales

$1,600 retail minimum (1,000 PCV)

Team Sales

$6,200 retail minimum (4,000 GCV)

Qualifield 1st Line Stylists

You need 2 Qualified Stylists

(who each sell $500 retail minimum)

There's a reason why this picture is here... you have to call in tonight to find out WHY! :)

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Our first weekly call series will start tomorrow night - Monday, May 13th at 9pm EST

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4000
Participant Access Code: 195930#

This call will be recorded

FYI: Our regular call time will be Sunday nights at 9pm but we didn't want to interrupt any Mother's Day pampering today!

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We have created a private FB page for this group - Step into Senior in 60

Our hope is that each of you will find a pacing partner within this exclusive FB group since you all have the same goal and commitment to make it happen in 60 days! This FB group is created for YOU - so please feel free to post ideas, kudos, challenges and successes. Let's use it as a forum to keep the energy high, the commitment focused and the drive alive!

S&D Directors and your biggest cheerleaders!


Kelli and Kristen

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