All About Me

By Kaitlyn Schnorbus

I am an older sister of two.

I have a sister who is three years younger than me, and a brother who is ten years younger than me. I love them both , even though my sister gets on my nerves. It is hard to be the oldest because then you get so many responsibilities and then you have to babysit , after school sometimes but I don't mind

I love art

I love to draw and use clay . I am always drawing and doodling on papers and notebooks. I also love to learn and do different art work on my nails,and i have to admit ,I've gotten pretty good at it!

Some of my hobbies and interests.

Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin' On

Animal Lover!!!

okay ever since I was little have always loved animals. Also, I know this sounds weird, but sometimes i feel like i like they understand how i feel or what i am talking about. but my fave animal has to be dogs I have known /owned 3 dogs through out my life. my favorite breed is austrailian shepards they are so cute !!!

School! (yeah!?)

So i think i am a petty good student and so do my parents. I try my hardest and do my homework but I can be chatty sometimes. Other than that i am always getting A's and B's on my tests and report cards and, my favorite subjects are math and science.

Photo Gallery that Describes Me !!!!