Battle Ballistics Military Supply

Connor Bertrand, Lucas Denney, Logan Tapscott

Our Six Business Activities

Generating Ideas: We decided to form our company in Springfield because there are no other gun manufacturers to compete with and we are in close proximity to numerous recruiting offices of various branches of the military that are located in St.Louis and in Bloomington. Also the National Guard has a large airfield and armory nearby which is perfect for wholesaling guns.

Raising Capital: We will put in 400,000 dollars to start out for the factory and the heavy machinery as well as the gunsmiths. Then we will sell of 35% of the company to private investors to raise money. Then we will raise funds promising to return all investments with a 5% gain after 15 years. Once we hit a total of 1 million dollars then we will end the fundraisers and quit selling stocks.

Employing and Training Personnel: To be an employee, you have to hold a FOID card, and have at least 3 years of experience in the firearm manufacturing business to work in the manufacturing sector of our company. After being hired, all employees will go through a week-long training session in the factory with an experience employee before being ready to begin manufacturing. In our retail sector, you need a month of prior retail experience and will have a three day long training session in our retail outlet. Almost all employees will be full time, except for some cashiers at the retail outlet, who will be part time.

Buying Goods and Services: All of the products and raw materials that we use to make our weapons and military vehicles will be 100% American made and produced. We will need pure American steel and other raw materials, such as wood and plastic that will all be made and produced in America.

Marketing: We would put thousands of dollars into commercials and billboards to promote our business. We would have ads on as many videos on youtube as possible. The National Guard would use some of our weapons and that could boost our marketing abilities. We are all about using and making American made products, and all of our ads will feature.

Maintaining Business Records: We will hire an accountant to keep records, and have a team of people to help organize customer orders.

How are we structured?

Our business is a corporation. We have sold 35% the company as stocks as our first move as a corporation. Specifically we are a Limited Liability Company, and easy to start business. The downside to us being a corporation is that we will have to deal with more government regulations and there will be more records to keep track of. Also we will have to use a board of directors for decisions which will take us much more time.The upsides are that Liability of any owner is limited to the amount of money

invested an invest and receive profit without having to take part in

day to day operations.Business can be easily expanded and ownership changed by the sale of stock. We decided to choose this method of business because it is easy to raise money to start the company and it is better for having multiple high up leaders.

Our Short-Term Business Goals

Our goals are.

  1. To have our guns in at least 500 different locations
  2. To have contracts with the United States military.
  3. To at least double our starting investment
  4. To have at least 500 employees
  5. To enter the military vehicle business (Humvee,tanks,helicopters)

Our Mission Statement

Battle Ballistics Military Supply's mission statement is to provide the best quality weapons and military equipment that we possibly can.

Our slogan is "Whether the battle is at home or on foreign land, Battle Ballistics is there."

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