Mrs Campbell's Art Challenge

Big picture

The artwork

This print is of Langdale in Cumbria, at sunset. The print is called Langdale Sundown and is from an original painted by Jeff Sudders, the founder of the Cook House Gallery located in the Lake District.

I love this because of the colours and the beautiful scenery. I find it very calming.

I bought this print from the Cook House Gallery in Bowness about 11 years ago. We visit the Lake District every October half term and have done for a very long time. This print reminds me of our annual holidays and the colours make me think of the autumn which is when we visit. We have been going there since long before our girls came along and now we take them too. They have developed their own love of the scenery there and I have taken photographs of them stood in the exact spot the print shows.

The challenge

To study the effect that natural light has on a scene, take a photo of the same aspect of your garden at several different times of the day. A photo every hour would give you the best results. Put them in order in a file. Scroll through them and notice how the scene changes – especially the colours and shadows. Choose your favourite shot and recreate it with paints or pencils.