New works by Daniel Eugene

@ ATTICUS Bookstore, New Haven

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"INNER REACHES OF OUTER SPACE" works in Oil on gessoed birch

These new works continue my exploration of the line-drawing as a reference to planes of consciousness, or fields of experience that are potential in the human spirit. These images are my search for a space in which the attitudes and experiences evoked are appropriate to a meditation on the mystery of the source of your own being.

Deeply influenced by Goddess mythology and pre-patriarchal, matrifocal religious experience these works seek to draw attention to the more mysterious, unconscious and inarticulate influences on our lives; the vast world of the imagination that exerts itself invisibly and is waiting to be put into focus or to be brought into a physical manifestation.

"Inner Reaches of Outer Space" will be on view at Atticus Bookstore, 1060 Chapel St., New Haven, CT - through December 28th, 2014