In 1540, the first European to land in Georgia colony was Spaniard Hernando De Soto. He settled here to look for gold. Then in 1732, King George II, the King of England. The name Georgia was given to the colony in honor of the King of England, King George II.

About the colony

Georgia was one of the Southern colonies established by Great Britain. Our main religion was Protestant Christian. Our government was a charter set up by King George II. The main trading here in this colony were corn and animals like pigs, agriculture in general.


Colony of Georgia was located south of the east coast. It is below the 13 colonies. The location here in Georgia had good climate for crops like corn and cotton. These crops helped with the economic development of Georgia

Major Events and Key People

In 1732, King George II established Georgia's first official charter. A year later, James Oglethorpe, who was an important person here, and a group of settlers sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. They ended up entering the Savannah River and found the settlement of Savannah. This happened on February 12th which is now known as Georgia Day.