5 Themes of Austin

By Ashton Owens

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Location: Relative Location

The relative location of Austin, TX is just Northeast of San Antonio and just Southwest of Waco.

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Austins culture and physical appearance are very interesting. All throughout downtown you can find places like the one in the picture above. The Graffiti walls contribute to Austins tradition of "Keep Austin Weird" and also contribute to the cities physical appearance and some of Austins 'culture' . You can find other things throughout Austin such as more public art and live music.

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Austins physical region is the Texas hill country which is a exceptionally sized region almost right in the dead center of Texas.

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Austin has many attractions to bring people to the city but the biggest of them all is the live music, Austin being the live music capitol. Music festivals like Austin City Limits and South by Southwest bring many people from all over the country and even from out of the country together to enjoy one thing in Austin, Music!

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Human Environment Interaction

Mansfield dam was built in Austin to create a hydro power source and provide power to what back then was considered the country side. in addition to creating power the dam created Lake Travis! People modify the environment in many ways and this dam modified it in a good way it created power and a new lake for people to enjoy.