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I am often asked to speak about the apps I use in class...

This page is designed to share these resources, and provide ways to use them in education.

Canva is a website that lets you create flyers, posters, invitations, presentations, business cards, and more. Oh, did I mention its FREE?

The average student sits for 5 hours during a school day. They need a break! GoNoodle is a free resource for teachers to get kids moving and learn at the same time. Bring some energy back to your students and get them moving with GoNoodle.

Team Shake

This app allows you to group students with the tap of your finger. There are activities in which I group students with varying abilities together, but this app is for most other instances. Has a student ever said, "That's not fair! Why are they always partners?" This app shows students that groups are made without bias. Time management is vital for instruction and this app makes transitioning extremely quick.

Coach's Eye

Whether you are in the gymnasium, lunch room, or classroom, this app allows you to record and playback in slow motion. Students may cognitively understand how to do something, but their self-perception may be struggling. For example, a science project may involve several steps. By recording the steps, you are able to play back and show the moment corrections should have occurred. The app also provides drawing tools to highlight specific areas. Great for physical education, music, art, science and math teachers.

Google Forms

GO PAPERLESS!!! This is my favorite way to assess. Whether you are polling your staff, students or parents, this is awesome! Google designed this as a user-friendly tool to create assessments and view data. Highly recommend!

Pandora (Kidz Bop Station)

The power of music! Use songs that your students know to help with transition. When the music stops, they know to listen to instruction. Having trouble with secondary students arriving late to their classrooms. Play music during transitioning periods in the hallway, and change songs when they have 1 min to get to their classrooms. It is a great way to integrate arts into classroom conversations.

Comic Life 3

Make your lessons more exciting! This app helps turn your images into a comic. Great for visual learners and is perfect for maintaining focus.

Daqri 4d Studio

Have you heard of "augmented reality?" Daqri 4d Studio for education allows you to edit images, so that you can point your iPad/cell phone at a target and 4d images pop out of the target onto your screen. I have to say, it is pretty wild! You can also attach assessments & links to images. This technology can be difficult but if you have time to practice the results are unreal!

Tinkercad is a website that allows you to create your own 3d images. Many of the images I create, I import into Daqri 4d Studio. However, you can create your own image and print out these 3d models.

QR Code Generator

If you have not experimented with QR Codes in your classroom yet, you need to! The possibilities are pretty much endless. Going to you are able to make and print your own QR Codes. I use google forms to make an assessment, and then generate the assessment into a QR Code. However, the button below gives you some ideas for using QR Codes in the classroom. Enjoy!


Powerpoint getting old? Use Prezi to engage your audience in a more visual presentation.

Day One

It does not matter what profession, self-reflection is so important. This app allows you to journal (optional with pictures) the events that happen during the course of the day. Have an impromptu meeting with a parent regarding a specific date? Day One does all the work for you and organizes your thoughts/comments by date.

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Any description I write in this space, will simply not do this justice. It is a fast way to assess every student without making them feel self conscious. See for your self by clicking the button below.
How to Use Plickers in the Classroom

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