Human Needed!!!!!!

I need to be in your intestines.

How we will work together.

How we will work together quite easily. First all you have to do is go play outside and get dirt all over your hands and that is how I get on you. Then you eat without washing your hands and then I get into your body. The rest is really on me I will just slide into your intestines I will attach myself to the wall of your intestine nothing that bad. And after a few weeks all the female pin worms will move from your small intestine to your large intestine like I said nothing that bad for us. Then we come out of the body at night and we lay eggs around the anus. Our relationship is parasitism.


Qualifications that you must have/do for the job:
  • you must play outside and avoid washing your hands
  • you must be able to sleep through the night with pain
  • You must be human

Pictures of us!

Guaranteed to be painful. :)

You may be asking how will you benefit?

You will learn to always wash your hands after playing outside and that washing your hands help avoid getting me.

If you are up for the job!

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