Miss Scarpa's Class Bulletin


Upcoming Dates and Events

** For the rest of April and all of May, there will continue to be:

  • Choir rehearsals at 7:50 AM in the art room
  • Band rehearsals at 7:45 AM
  • Orchestra rehearsals at 8:00 AM

* There are choir and orchestra rehearsals on Tuesday, May 31st because we are off for Memorial Day on Monday

*The concerts are that evening beginning at 6:30- Choir & 7:30- Instruments

May Dates: **Spring Fair Jars are due May 12th

Monday, May 9th- Kutz Day

Friday, May 13th- Crazy hat and sock spirit day & Student Council Meeting- 8:15 AM in library (Paige & Will)

Saturday, May 14th- SPRING FAIR @ Kutz 12:00 PM

Wednesday, May 18th- Weather Field Trip- Arrive at Kutz at 7:45 AM- Return to Kutz approx. 6:15 PM

Tuesday, May 24th- Jumping Beans EOY Party 8:00 AM

Tuesday, May 31st- Last music rehearsals and Spring Concerts (see above and future communication for more specifics)

What have we been doing in class? Curriculum updates!

Reading and Writing

In reading, we are embarking on a journey with non-fiction texts to prepare us to read for research. We will be discussing topics like features and text structures that are different when we read non-fiction.

I encourage you and your child to continue to read informational texts about topics that may interest them. A biography is a great start. Also, topics such as disasters(to go along with our reading unit called Forces of Nature), recycling (to go along with our science unit Nature's Recyclers) and Government/Westward Expansion (to go along with Social Studies) would aid your child's understanding as we discuss them in class. Much of our reading instruction relies on children having some kind of background knowledge about the topic and the willingness to want to learn more and make connections to their lives!

In writing, we are reading, writing, and interpreting poetry. April is National Poetry Month! We have had the opportunity to go outside and enjoy wonderful weather recently to write Haikus. We will be focusing on observing our surroundings and taking a deeper look at ourselves as we write various kinds of poetry. We are continuing with our mindful practices as we observe, notice, and feel as we write.

We will be starting to research for our final writing genre mid May.

Social Studies and Science

In Social Studies, we are learning about how our government was formed. We have started to talk about the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. See below for pictures of our first experience to kick off learning about the Revolution. We will learn particulars about how our government works today and also why it was not favored by everyone in the late 1700's. Our debate was a great success, and our actors were very prepared and looked the part. We not only applied our knowledge about the history, and the Patriots and Loyalists, but we applied what we know about working cooperatively and responsibly as a team. Way to go!

In May, we will start a unit called Nature's Recyclers in Science. We will be studying topics that relate to our everyday lives even though we may not know it! We will be delving into the world of decomposition, worms, trees, mold, plants, and mushrooms and more. We will have the opportunity to wonder, observe, and try experiments. Students will be responsible for keeping a scientist's notebook that they will record their observations and notes in. I will let you know when we plan to start science as a grade level.

Big image

Tug of War to represent the American Revolution

Weather Field Trip Reminders

Our field trip will take place at Citizen's Bank Park on Wednesday, May 18th. Arrival at school is at 7:45 AM and we should return about 6:15 PM depending on traffic.

  • Clearances- I have heard from most of you regarding your clearances being submitted. Please make sure you have submitted them to CB.
  • Preparation- We cannot predict the weather that day, but please make sure your child is prepared with sun screen and appropriate clothing for the weather. Students will be able to bring items (not valuable) with them for the bus ride that can stay on the bus/in their bags. We are not permitting cell phones to be brought on the trip. We will take all medications that are in school from the nurse.
  • Lunch-We will be purchasing lunch at the ball park. Please send your child with money for lunch and a souvenir if you would like.
  • As other particulars come up as we get closer, I will keep you updated.


We have started units about probability, data, ratios, and algebra for the remainder of the year in math. We will doing hands-on activities and connecting our findings to real-world examples with technology. Your child will still be asked to complete math boxes and do Xtramath and/or Tenmarks and will have nightly study links.