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February 2019


Want to tell someone, "thanks"? You can just e-mail me who you want to thank and what you want to say, or you can use this document. Either make a copy and share it back with me or print it and bring it to Tracy or me in the library. No anonymous shout-outs, please. Shout-Outs start next Friday, September 7!

Friday Reflection

I found this idea for using a "Friday Reflection" as an exit ticket for the end of the week. I love the multiple ways to respond and just wanted to share! (click to enlarge pictures)

Add Video and Audio to Lesson Plans

I recently read a great article on incorporating video and audio in lesson plans. Why do this? Instead of writing out detailed lesson plans for subs, just do what this blogger/teacher does. Have the sub to "have kids visit my blog and listen to my directions". Don't have a blog? Leave directions on Classroom, your website, or calendar, too. The students will be getting your directions in your voice or on video. No chance for misunderstandings!

There are lots of tools do this:

  • Vocaroo is an online audio recorder. You don't have to make an account, and it works on any platform. You can download the audio or get a link for your website or Classroom. Audio does expire if you don't download, so you can upload to your Drive, too, if you want to save things.
  • Online Voice Recorder is similar, but a plus is you can crop recordings. You can save the mp3 file to upload to your site or Classroom.
  • Simple Audio Recorder is a Chrome Extension you can add to your browser if you login to Chrome. I like how it's always there in Chrome, and it automatically saves audio as a WAV file. It can be buggy sometimes, and you have to reinstall it...
  • Want to record on your phone? iPhone's have a "Voice Memo" app installed. With this, you can email audio, add to Drive, post to Classroom, etc. It's very easy to use and easy to share.
  • Or you can try Anchor.fm's iPhone and Android apps. This is a true podcast app. You can make a channel, add sound effects, and more. It's simple to use once set up. I tried it out and would be happy to show you what it looks like.
  • If you want video sub plans and instructions, Screencastify (extension) and Loom (extension) are easy options, and there are Chrome extensions for both. Use your webcam to film yourself, or just film your screen to show students what to do when you're gone. With Screencastify, you can Share to Drive or Classroom automatically. Loom allows you to download or share links.

More Info and Video Examples from Free Technology for Teachers

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Our Library Website

Our library website is under "Learning Resources" on the MRHS home page. If you're new to The Mountain, check it out. There are lots of resources, sites, and tools for both students and staff! We have access to many great databases, and it's all available for use off campus, too! You just need to log in. I also purchase a variety of tech tools for student use. Those databases, tech tools, and places to get free to use photos/music can all be found on the new Library Links page.

Digital Literacy Partnership

If you ever hear anyone mention the Digital Literacy Partnership (or the DLP), that's me! Across the district, there are Digital Literacy Teacher Librarians or Digital Literacy Teachers in every school. Our job is to support teachers and help our students with information literacy, digital literacy, and technology!

I am available to collaborate and plan with you, co-teach a lesson, work with individual students or groups that need more help, or whatever else you need! I'm happy to come to department or common course meetings or sit down with you individually anytime!

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