Farmer's Wife v. Three Blind Mice

Written by: Jewel Tinsley

The Trial

The farmer’s wife is suing the three blind mice for damages to her property and also physical damages from having to chase them around her husband’s farm land, and also for trespassing. The mice were arrested on last Thursday after being served a subpoena. They claimed that they were unable to get a ride and due to their blindness condition were unable to find the phone to inform their public defender that they would not be able to make it. Since there were no witnesses to back up their story their bail was set at $3,000, $1,000 for each of the three defendants. After the grand jury reviewed the evidence of the case they decided to only charging the defendants with a misdemeanor, and the indictment was for both charges that the farmer’s wife had sued them for. At the arraignment the defendant’s plead not guilty to the accusation of trespassing, saying that due to being blind they could not tell whose property they were on. They did however plea bargain to property damages, hoping to lower the cost that the farmer’s wife was going to make them pay to repair the damages.

Once finally in court with there was still a lot of drama between those involved in the case. One of the defendants witnesses, who wishes to remain anonymous, was accused of perjury. This witnesses testimony was ignored for the rest of the trial and they were but into jail. This event made the petit jury cautious the rest of the trail and might have affected their verdict. In the verdict the jury convicted the three blind mice of both charges. The three blind mice were very upset with this verdict and came back to the judge of their case and asked for an appeal,on the basis that their handicap was not taken into consideration. The date of the appeal will be announced sometime in the near future.