Jim Stark

Peng Yu

Jim Stark's traits

Jim Stark is a high school kid, He was little bit crazy and he was a little bit violent, he was bunching the table to calm himself down at police station. People called him "chicken", He was weak but not too weak. He is strong at the end of the film. He was romantic, he was fall in love with Judy.

Family problem

Jim is afraid that people called him "chicken", because he doesn't like it and he doesn't want to be like his father. His father was weak and his mother was strong, so the relation between them effect Jim. Jim doesn't want to be like his father being weak. Every time he want his father to stand up and to be strong, every time it did not work, but at the end, his father stand up, not being weak any more. It's challenge for him to being this family, every time he saw his father being weak, it makes him want to tell his father to stand up, but his dad didn't listen to him. Every time he is in trouble, his father didn't say anything, and his mother always say we need to move away and they moved. Jim want his father to stand up and to do something. He end up to run away from home and not want to go back. If i'm Jim, I think I will run away from home too, because it's hard to stand it, I don't want to grow up and become a weak person and i don't want to listen my parents argue every time.


Jim learn a lot from his experience and he change a little. He makes friends, Judy and Plato. He was getting stronger; at the end of film, he try to get Plato out of the building, that was danger, but he does it and he make it. He stand up for himself and he make his father stand up too. So he learn a lot from his experience and he change a little. He is not lonely anymore and the family problem was solved.


Ester day

Ester day was a peace and happy day. But not for Judy, Jim and Plato. They are at police station and was in some trouble. Plato was got caught because he kills puppy, who kills puppy, and the Ester day was talk about restore life, so it is kind symbolic, and at the end Plato was died. So, in Ester day it should be peace and happy, but not for Jim, Judy and Plato's family. I think it's symbol of restore life, so at the end of film, Jim was changed and Judy was changed too. They are like they reborn and begin to live in a new life. And Plato was reborn too, but it is in a different way.


The main lesson of the film I think is Family was a important place to everyone. Family issue will makes a family not like a family and sometimes even make a family become enemy. So, I think we need to not have big family issue and have good relationship with family and that will be good for everyone who is in the family.

Whose family situation do you think is worst and why?

I think Plato's family situation is worst, He live with his mother and we didn't see his father shows up. In the beginning, he was at police station because he kills puppy and it's ester day. He killed puppy because he don't want them to grow up and at same situation like he was in. And at the end of film, his family issue was not been solved and he was died. Judy and Jim has changed and they survived. So I think Plato's family situation is worst.