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History of the flag

Above is the Cypriot flag. The constitution of Cyprus said that the flag could not have red (Turkey) or blue (Greece). (Those are the two main ethnicities of Cyprus).


Cyprus gained its independence in 1960 from the British and became a Republic. The current president is Nicos Anastasaides.


Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is west of Lebanon and Syria, south of Turkey, east of Greece, and north of Egypt. The capital is Nicosia and the other major cities are Polis, Famagusta, Latchi, and Pissouri. Also Mount Olympus ( not the notable one in Greece) is home to Cyprus.

Tourist attractions

A tourist attraction in Cyprus is Paphos, which is a city full of history. It is been said it's where Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess, was born. It was a city during the Byzantine empire.

Fun facts

  1. The Cypriot flag is the only one in the world that has the country on it.
  2. About 100,000 flamingos feed near Larnaca airport.
  3. There are two international airports in Cyprus


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