Georgia Technical Colleges

for Bachelor of Science in Computing Science

Bachelor of Science in Computing Science Jobs

There are a lot of jobs that the bachelor of science in computing science can prepare students for. Along with computer consultant, computer graphics specialist, and computer systems engineer, there are many more. It can prepare students to be a knowledgeable engineer, manager, project coordinator, and even a software engineer! The limit is endless, because computers are taking over and jobs are always needed.


Colleges That Prepare for Computing Science

Pros and Cons for Colleges

Georgia Tech

Pros: Prepares more for chosen career, in the heart of Atlanta, close to home, has a city view and atmosphere

Cons: takes longer to get degree, more expensive, hard to get accepted

Atlanta Technical College

Pros: Takes less time to achieve degree than Georgia Tech and Athens, Georgia residents pay less money, close to home

Cons: no real city views, small campus, doesn't go in more depth to achieve degree

Athens Technical College

Pros: takes less time to achieve degree than Georgia Tech, less expensive than Georgia Tech, it goes in even more depth than Atlanta Tech, big campus

Cons: further from home, not in Atlanta, would have to live on campus, takes more time to achieve degree than Atlanta Tech