My Future As Joe

"I fear being sane...." -Joe W.

"Who Am I?"

Interests -Drawing -Writing -Reading

Skills -Drawing -Writing -Music

Values -Family and friends -Coffee -Life

Learning Styles -Visual -Auditory -Logical

Interest Clusters -Science -Health Science -Arts and AV

Skill Clusters -Science -Health Science -Arts and AV

Why Should All Of These Things Be Considered When Deciding On A Career?

Because if you didn't take into account all of these things then you would never be able to find a job that suits you.

"Where Am I Going?"

My career as a chemist.....

A chemist is someone who works for a public or private company to improve different items, such as cosmetics, clothes, cars and whole lot more. They have a average salary of 73,480$ a year. The job outlook for chemist says that employment of chemist is expected to grow more slowly than the average for all occupations though 2022. The job chemist belongs to the science cluster. Chemist are usually working inside on a tight schedule, they first perform routine tests to make sure all experiments and other items are okay, they then find solutions for problems and make a strategy to get to the solutions. After that they evaluate certain items and then proactively develop and maintain technical knowledge in different areas. One interesting thing about chemists is that they get to sit down all day and just mix some chemicals together.

"How do i get there?"

I would like to go to CalTech in Pasadena, California because it offers the best education about my job choice. To be able to reach my dream job I will need a Bachelors degree in chemistry, but I will also go for a Professional degree. The approx. tution will total out to be 65,874$.