by: Laken Fleckenstein


stagecoaches usually have 4 horses pulling it. It was the only way of getting somewhere without walking by foot. It was also helpful because it brought foods to people. It was also used to transport gold.


Some of the disadvantages of the stagecoach are it takes avlong time to travel on one because it moves slow. The passengers had to sleep sitting up. It was uncomfortable because of know room. Stagecoach could only carry a few people at a time. People had to sit there the whole time with little leg room.


England is where the stagecoach came from. Everyone thought the stagecoach wouldn't be used anymore because of the new railways being built. But Several decades later the stagecoach gave an idea for an automobile. After the automobile was built that was the end of the stagecoach.

importance to ND / inventors

John Darlwin is the inventor of the stagecoach he invented it in 1763. It traveled from town to town in ND bringing people goods.
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