His life and art

Danotellos life

He was born in 1386 in Florence Italy, he spent his life in his home town in Florence. When got older he was accepted into painters guide. He was an apprentice for bronze art then he left at the age of seventeen


He showed Humanism by having a persons point of view and what everything is like instead of staying with the same thing and showing change.

His famous scuplture

Donatello is known for his life size sculpture of Saint Mark which is the most famous one during the time showing humanism.

The Patrons of Donatello

would be Meccri


  • Built 1411 to 1413
  • It is viewed at St. Mark's Church
  • It was the first real saint that was standing and had the most describtion

The most intresting thing about his art

I think it is amazing because it is the one of the first free standing sculptures during the Rennisance. He put in a great deal of detail so they can look realistic and with the clothing he gave it folds when the person was standing.

The significant techniquces

He brought back free standing sculptures that were once used by the Greeks, and he brought how humans look like with out clothes which was not normal at the time and was said to be a bad type of art which was vulgar.