Three Blind Mice

A Criminal Story

July 9 2014

The defendent, farmer's wife, was accused of the crime of cutting off three blind mice's tails. The witnesses who were the farmer and the three mice all confirm the event. The arrest was made last week on the first of July on the indictment of felony. The defendant did not request a plea bargain though the mice were okay with it. The defendant requested a public defender, since they couldn't afford one. There was an arraignment of the defendant to go to court in front of a grand jury, petit jury, and the judge. The prosecutor, the three blind mice, were the subpoena for the trail as well as the farmer. They all said that they saw the farmer's wife cut off their tails and they also found the knife as evidence against the defender. The witnesses did not break perjury. The jury then came to the verdict of convicted. The farmer's wife was sentenced to three years in prison and a bail of twenty thousand. There was no need for an appeal.
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