iPads in the Classroom

Using technology in the classroom and why it is important!

iPads for Learning

This website gives a variety of different apps that can be used in the classroom for all ages!


Bloomin' Apps

This website has many different ways to incorporate the Blooms Taxonomy and iPads. It gives a lot of resources and ideas to incorporate Blooms. Also, it provides particular apps that can be downloaded to represent each of the levels of Blooms.


Apps For Elementary

In this cite, there are several apps that can be used in the Elementary classroom. On the left side of the cite, they have different types of categories that can take you to the category and give you several apps that apply to that subject. It is a great source and very user friendly!


30 Apps for Classroom Management

In this article, it gives teachers apps to help out with the classroom management. It is a great resource if you ever get into a pickle and might need an extra opinion.


iPad Ideas

On this website, it contains resources, reasons, and useful links for using the iPad in the classroom. It's a great resource and very user friendly! I especially liked that, because the website was very organized.


iPads in the Classroom (Cyndi's Pinterest)

On this pinterest board, there are a variety of resources that you can be directed to. It is great, everyone should browse around and use it! She has a lot of other great resources for teaching.


iPads Improve the Classroom

In this article, it is all about how important it s to use iPads in the classroom. It also gives reasons and resources why it's important to use them, and why it's beneficial for the students.


Using iPads in Elementary Classrooms
iPads in the Classroom
Transforming the Classroom with iPads