Mr. Csajko's Gym-news-ium

September Edition

This month we….

Establish Routines

  • Students enter the gym quietly
  • Put on Pedometers
  • Read "WHAT" to do, and begin
  • Discuss "WHY" we are doing this lesson
  • Unpack "HOW" we know we have learned the material

Begin using technology

Pre K - 2nd grade

"Checking in" on their feelings

Students will be learning to display their feelings by using American Sign Language
"Checking In" with Student Emotions

Personal Space vs. General Space

We will start to incorporate movement with a focus on SAFETY


Cooperative Games

The focus during this unit is to build teamwork, bring awareness to verbal and nonverbal bullying, and to lay the foundation for a cooperative learning environment.

"Individually we are one drop. TOGETHER we are an Ocean!"

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