Edmond Doyle News


Thank you for letting us know when you change addresses and phone numbers. It really upsets your child when they need you and we can't get hold of you!

Please make sure that in the mornings and afternoons you are following the direction of the carline. You should always be driving north...there is a sign prohibiting going south during these times. If a police officer should appear and you are parked or going the wrong way...you could get a ticket.

Thank you to everyone that is getting your child to school on time, calling when your child is going to be absent, and getting doctor's notes when they are sick. Thank you for making sure your child is completing their homework and reading daily. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. Your child's chances of success are increased because of your good parenting.

This Friday our fourth graders will be going to Mt. Triumph Baptist Church for a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. They will eat lunch at the church. This is an honor for us to be allowed to participate in this event. Please make sure your 4th grader is looking their best on Friday.

Our students enjoyed our Indian Education activities last Friday. Thanks to Indian Education for coming to visit. We liked learning about Native American culture.

Upcoming events:

January 12th-4th grade visits Mt. Triumph Baptist Church

January 15th-No School-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 17th-2nd grade puppet show-1:00

January 23rd-PTO Meeting

January 26th-Miss Oklahoma-10:30

February 1st-3:30-9:30-Parent/Teacher Conferences...Please visit with your child's teacher. If you need a different time, please contact your child's teacher to set up an appointment.

February 2nd-No School

February 5th-9th-Edmond Doyle Book Fair

February 8th-Edmond Doyle Family Night

February 15th-Bingo Night for Edmond Doyle at the VFW-please help us get prizes for bingo! You can start collecting now!