Infinity's Talent

The end is just the beginning

What "Infinity's Talents" can do for you

This product brings you the relaxing serenity of everlasting joy by enabling you to turn horrific encedents, that may feel like the end of all happiness, into blissful beggings, releasing pain and stress that has built up thought the years. Everyone's dream is to become stress free, why not take the easy road to your dreams by purchasing "Infinity's Talents"
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This product can be yours for 10 easy payments of $99.99

Infinity's beauty

So might say that Infinity looks like an eight turned on its side. Others might conclude that she appears to be a zero, wearing a belt, turned on its side. Either way, she is a world famous sign, that not only looks swaggy, but depicts something that everyone wants. Tragic endings, to revolve into glorious beginnings.

Everyone should enlighten themselves to this product. Anyone who wants a perfect life, anyways.

The tragic saga; staring prefix "fin"

Infinity, a beautiful young girl, was walking to the park when she stumbled on an unnecessary addition to the side walk. She continued on her way, not giving a second thought, that was until a very attractive young male, going by the name of Fin asked her "do you mind? You just stepped on my foot!" Startled, infinity spun around, instantly making eyecontact with the voice who had recently called her out. As all blush crept onto her cheeks as she apologized for her clumsy mistake. After a few more words were traded between the pair, numbers were swapped as well. After very many texts and a few dates, infinity had fallen in love with the not so strange-stranger. Fin was aware of how she felt, and thought their relationship was traveling to fast. Following his natural instinct, Fin ended things between him and the beautiful girl. After hearing the heartbreaking news, infinity decided that she would confess her undenying love for fin. That night, as the moon rose up, infinity came closer and closer to her destination. After finally reaching Fin's window, she lightly tapped the cold clear glass. She whispered to his shadow, "my love for you is like my name, forever." She heard a not so quiet whisper yell back, "my love for you is like MY name! ENDED!" And with that, fin officially ended the romantic moment, and the relationship. As you can see, all those these two characters both shared names with the prefix "fin", they were very different people. With names meaning VERY different things.