literally come see italy

pizza pizza!

Famous Foods!

Of course Italy is known for wonderful pizza and pasta, well, that's correct. One of the most popular pizzas are with mozzarella cheese. A Great tasting pasta would be cooked also with lots of cheese because Italians love cheese.

Another famous food known to Italy is pasta

The Famous Sport Soccer!

Calcio (soccer)

Soccer is the far most popular sport in italy. Fans of soccer would go to huge stadiums to watch this sport.The teams would set up there colors by the color of ther citys home flag.

the game soccer is played simular above all countrys who love this sport.

Some of the most popular soccer players are romes. The italy team has won four world cups wich means they won troughout the whole world against teams to win they get a big trophy and evrything.

The Flag Of Italy

The three stripes on the flag symbol Hope, Faith and Service to others. The idea was started from the french flag when nepolean brough it to italy in 1797.


The main language is italian but it might sound different in other citys because of the accents. Many children or younge people speak english , that is the second language spoken in italy.

Come See Venice!

Vnice is in notheastern Italy and has over 100 Islands. Transportation is mostly by water in Venice, there are water boats, water buses and water taxi's. There are canals that run through the towns. The good thing is that you dont have to drive yourself.