Riley: A Writer

What I am as a Writer

I'm a Writer Who...

I like to write, I do not do it very often in my free time but enjoy it in school. I am good at writing short answer questions because I use the same form for a lot of them. I like to share my work mostly if my work is a fictional story. I am not the best at spelling and am thankful for spell check!

A Memorable Experience

A memorable experience for me is when my writing got posted on my teachers blog. This was exciting for me because my writing usually stayed within my own class. I now have my own website and am looking for the right piece to put on my blog.

6th Grade Writing Goals

• to try to spell things better

• to get better at editing

• to write a story that is good enough to put on my website.

About Me

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I love monkeys, minecraft, and nyan cat. I have a twin brother and a sister in 1st grade and a sister in 3rd grade. I play soccer and tennis and do boy-scouts and robotics. I am good at computers and can script games.