By: Marcos Perez

Issues of droughts

Droughts have lots of issues when it happens in a place. A major one is that the whole place that the drought is at, it makes the ground dry. Another main issue is there is no water. There is nothing that you can get. That's a really really bad thing.

Negative effects on environment

It effects the environment by the plants. The plants depend on the water and when there is a drought, the plants die because there is no water in the ground.
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Info about picture (Above)

This is a picture of how it looks when a drought takes place. There is no water on the ground. The water is what makes the soil stay alive and wet and on this case, there is no water and the soil is not alive.

Regions, area, & where in north america.

Common known areas in the United states that suffer from droughts ate several. It normally happens in the northeast side. Some states are: Texas, California (Mostly the south of cali), Arizona, Oklahoma, etc.
Drought Documentary: A Dry Season

Info about video (Above)

Just above this, you would see a video/documentary of how droughts can affect the land, how can it affect the people who are affected from the drought.

Is wildlife in danger from droughts?

Wildlife can be affected from droughts of course. It affects species and nature. A main one that droughts can affect and can affect other animals is plants (nature). Nature is a big deal because we need the plants. Species/animals that are affected from droughts are: Fishes, plants, cattle, and etc.

Wildlife affected by droughts reasons

Droughts can affect fishes and can affect other animals and plants (nature). Nature is a big deal from droughts because animals such as cattle can be affected and the cattle could die from starvation. Fishes can be affected by the water heating up and the water being to hot for the fishes to be living in that hot water. Its not a stable environment for them. Plants.... we need to protect they from droughts, they are our oxygen such as trees, bushes, grass, etc. One the drought begins, the plants begin to die because the lack of no water. With thousands of plants dying, our oxygen percentage goes down. Cattle... we need to protect them too from droughts, we have to feed them because when plants die, the cattle such as cow, sheep, buffalo, etc begin too die from starvation because they don't have enough plants to eat and to stay alive.
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Info of picture (Above)

This picture shows cattle/cow dead by starvation and extreme heat. Their was a drought in this picture and the pour cow didn't have enough plants to eat so it died from starvation.

Do droughts affect League City?

Droughts can come to League City and as I know of, we have a drought plan. A drought has come to League City and they had lots of signs saying, "conserve water." Our plan when a drought comes is that we have to conserve water so we can have water and so we cannot run out of it. We have to use it wisely!

Are people really affected by droughts?

Yes, lots of people are affected because if a family lives out in the country and has its own cattle and crops, those can all die by droughts.

What causes a drought

What mainly causes a drought is lack of precipitation. When there isn't much rain, the soil/ground isn't fertile enough for the soil to live and for the worms to stay alive.

Solutions to droughts

Solutions to droughts are that your city or state is gonna have to be prepared with lots and lots of gallons of water. If your state or city doesn't have that, you should prepare for your family and have lots of packs of water bottles or lots of gallons of water.

My idea for a solution

I don't have many ideas but one idea that i have is to have enough water to water your crops or plants until the drought is over, when the drought is over, still keep doing it when it precipitates constantly.