Martial Art Training

The true way to stop bullying

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Why This Matters

Bullying is all around us. 1 out of 5 kids have admitted to bullying someone, either intentionally or on accident. According to the latest bullying statistics, “77% of youth are bullied every day. In each of the cases, less than 10% of them were intervened by peers or adults. It is clear that we need a new way to solve bullying. One possible solution is martial arts training. This art can assist kids in defending themselves in many bullying incidents. When a bully sees that the potential victim can defend themselves, they will not bother them again. And not only that, but “Martial arts also teaches honor and control, which can have the kids not use their martial arts for bullying purposes,” according to Gregory Moody’s book “Effects of martial arts on children.” This solution is very effective, kids can help themselves if someone else cannot.

Positive/negative reinforcement plan

positive: I would explain that Martial arts helps kids defend themselves, and teaches them not to use it for bullying purposes.

negative: I’ll show some of the statistics of bullying.