Twenty Percent Time

Anna S

The Project

I plan to filter pond water and compare it to unfiltered water from the same source to determine if the filter was effective at removing the particles.

I have always been interested if consumer water filters are truly effective at removing things from our water. This is a decent way to test that effectiveness.

If it is found that they are ineffective at removing particles, we will see how little value the filters that we are purchasing have.

This will enrich my ability to complete a fully self-motivated project and enhance my ability to perform my own research.


In the end I aim to create a thorough report outlining all the aspects of my research.

It will include sections for the raw data I collect, the analysis of my research, the steps I took to finish it, and any conclusions that I draw.

I will gather the raw data outside of the class, and in class I will spend time analyzing it and putting together this report.

My Time

At the end of every work day I will post blog posts to track my progress.

I will also be posting the report itself on my showcase website, which will show how far I have gotten in working on it.

I have also created a schedule (attached below) that has planned out how I will spend every day working. I will update this as I go if I need to.