Death Valley

Death Valley a small portion of its awesome land
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Isn't it ironic that someone can live somewhere where it gets up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit?

It's called Death Valley.

First comes history:

Four Native American cultures were known to have lived here the last 10,000 years but

people mostly talk about one. the first known group to live there are the

nevares spring troop. They arrived 9,000 years ago when there were still small lakes in Death

Valley. A much milder climate persisted at that time. Also large animals were still plentiful so

they could still hunt thats how they survived. Now I will talk about Early Tourism.

The first documented tourist facilities in Death Valley were a set of tent houses built in the

1920's. People urged to build resorts around the natural springs. In 1927 pacific coast borax

turned the crew quarters of its furnace creek ranch into a resort. The spring at furnace creek

was built to develop the resort. As the water was diverted the surrounding marshes and

wetlands started to shrink. Now we'll talk about The category we think we found treasure.

The easiest think to collect at this time was salts, borare, and talc. Borax was found by

Rosie and Aaron winters in 1881. Later that same year the eagle borax became death valleys

first commercial borax operation. William Coleman built the harmony borax works plant and

began to process ore in late 1883. This mining and smelting company produced borax to

make soap and for industrial uses. Now We are going to talk about protection and later

history. President Herbert Hoover proclaimed Death Valley a national monument February

11,1993. Setting aside almost two million acres of Southern California aside. But twelve

companies worked in Death Valley. Using civilian conservation corps during the Great

Depression. They built barracks graded 500 miles of roads, installed water, and

telephonelines, also erected at total of 500 buildings too. We're those topics intristing to you,

you decide.Wasn't this interesting?Then look into this monument more because that's not all

the history,there's a lot more information than you think.