Tech Tip Tuesday Edition 42

MSD 25 Instructional Technology 2022-2023

Help Students Pin Apps on Chromebook Dock for Easy Access

Teach students how two-finger right click on their track pad when clicking on an app icon when it appears in their dock. A pop-up menu will appear giving them the ability to pin the app to the dock for easier access. There are other options such as the ability to uninstall the app from this Chromebook as well. Once the pop-up menu appears, simply have students click the pin icon or the word "Pin." They can go back and "Unpin" the app(s) at any time. See the screenshot below for an example using the Learning Ally app.
Big picture

Try This Thanksgiving Lesson from Google Applied Digital Skills with Your Students

Teachers - celebrate Thanksgiving with the Applied Digital Skills lesson Show Appreciation with Google Slides. In this lesson, students express appreciation for someone by creating a digital card using Google Slides. Click on the image to the left or the button below to preview the lesson.

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