Nuremberg Trials

By Nathan Brandt

Martin Bormann

Bormann was with Hitler and Goebbels in Hitler’s subterranean bunker on April 30, 1945. Hitler and Goebbels committed suicide while Bormann and others fled the bunker in an attempt to escape the rapidly advancing Soviet army. While he was presumed dead or captured, his whereabouts were unconfirmed at the time of the trials in Nuremberg.


Martin Bormann was one of Hitler's right hand man. He helped a lot with the persecution of Jews, he also controlled the slaves a lot. He was convicted of counts three and four of the trial. His body wasn't found. The evidence that he was lynching Allied army members was lost. His body wasn't found.

What do I think

I think he got off easy. I think anyone who was involved with the Nazi party should have been killed or treated like they treated their "lessers" I think that he was a baby and should have been found and killed for his crimes.