Multimedia Artist and Animator

Nadia Rojo

Reasons why I chose this career:

The job I chose is a Multimedia Artist/Animator. Reason why I chose this career is because I'm good at drawing, I love to create animations, I love to create stories and adventures with my imagination.

Training and Education

The degree required to be a multimedia artist and animator is a bachelor's or master degree. Although you can have training it is not required.

Work Environment

Multimedia artist and animator can work both indoors and outdoors but it is mainly indoors. Also the work is done in an office working with a group of people. The type of dress that is required for work is any type of clothing to inspire your work. This job also requires traveling to different parts of the country or world.

Job Description

The salary of a multimedia artist and animator is $63,970 per year or $30.76 per hour. The growth opportunities of this career is that it is growing rapidly and should increase 6% by 2024. This growth is due to the increase demand for animation and visual effects for movies, video games and T.V.
Some of the responsibilities of being a multimedia artist and animator are:
  • Create 2D and 3D models, animations and visual effects.
  • Use computer programs and illustrations to create graphics.
  • Develop story boards.
  • Work with a team of animators to create a movie, game and visual effects.
  • Edit animation and effects.


I still would like to pursue this career because I want to bring the same joy that was brought to me as a kid in movies, games, television shows and amazing effects.