Child Abuse

United States & Colombia

Child Abuse is a Human Rights violation

The human right that is being violated is article #5 which states, "freedom from torture, degrading treatment.". Many children get mistreated in many different ways and end up in many problems. Adults make their child feel worthless by doing physical/emotional abuse to the children. Emotional abuse can damage the child's mental health or social development. Physical abuse is always taking action everyday and is being done by the parents to make their children learn a lesson or behave better. ( Some adults send their kids off to do something bad like start trafficking to make money. This is being done by Colombian soldiers and is it is considered to be sexual abuse. The ones that are affected by this issue are the children all around the world. From this issue children get hurt and can cause the children to become abusers and led up to bad things like get ideas to end their life.

The help to the Human Right Issue

The website is helping children in Colombia pass through all of those hard moments. The children that are being helped have been or not been sexually abused. This organization helps these children by having a conversation about the situation and how to prevent it. The organization is also involving the schools to have these type of conversations with the students and letting them know what their rights are. Another website that Is helping children and letting parents know what is child abuse is This organization helps parents understand that child abuse is really serious and that it is time to take action by looking around them and see what is happening with their children. This makes the parents be more attentive on their children and think more about their own actions. In website, the organization gives information about all the kinds of abuses and how you can tell that someone is being abused in some kind of way. This just lets people all over the world know that child abuse can lead to many other things in the future of that person.

Global Giving

You can speak up for those children who are being abused. To know more about what could you do to help the children all around the world the best people to talk to are the Global Giving or Corpolatin organization.

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