Tick Tock Tailor

Best Of The Best! Faster Than The Fast! Tick, Tock, Done!

We Have The Best Clothing In All Of Egypt!

Hey you! Have some terrible clothing that's all ripped up, dirty, and was a lot of debens? Well, worry no more! Come down the Nile River to us, Tick Tock Tailor, the best clothes!

Some Of The Clothes We Sell!

Not Just Clothes!

We also have rags, wraps, leather, and extra left over items from sewing up some clothing. You can buy these left over items and try sewing yourself! Only three debens and you'll get these left over supplies! Embalmers, too, can buy some wraps here! Animals? Don't wanna leave them out. Get some fun decorations for them too! What are you waiting for? Get down here and buy for a low price!

Find Us Easily

Come down to Tanis Of Egypt to get only the best clothes, supplies/wraps, and pet decoration to make them feel even more welcomed into your family.