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Henderson Weekly Newsletter

January 4, 2016

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 day book. Write a good one.-Brad Paisley

Commit to Excellence

Could the Miss Universe fiasco be a reason to share with our kids that it is important to read carefully?!?!? just a thought.... (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

I hope that during the Christmas break you were able to reconnect with your families and friends that you are well rested, rejuvenated and ready to spring into a new year and a new semester with intention and direction for your students and our school.

I took a wonderful vacation to Mexico with my family. Sometimes you don't realize what you need until you get it. I needed that desperately! I spent time on the beach, swam with dolphins, went zip lining, floating on the river and brought in the New year. This break really has renewed my spirit as I hope it did yours. Please be ready to share what you did over the break tomorrow. We want to hear all about it!

A new year (or new semester) is like a fresh start. This is when we make resolutions, set goals and make commitments all in an effort to grow personally and professionally. Did you make a resolution? What was it? Why did you choose it? We will do some work on goal setting tomorrow. I hope that you will take this information and apply it to yourself and use it with your students as we know that goal setting has a positive effect on outcomes!

Wishing you an AMAZING start to the new year and a renewed focus on committing to excellence! So thankful that I work with THE VERY BEST!

Believe in yourselves! Believe in your kids! I believe in you!


Thank you Mrs. Greenlee for leading our Henderson Harmonics in a fantastic performance for the administrators.

Thank you to Mrs. Rossman and Ms. R for organizing our K Kids to lead the pledge at the December school board meeting.

Thank you for a perfect week before the break. EVERYONE did a fabulous job of making what could be a stressful week, calm, structured and fun for our kids. Your generosity with giving towards the Angel Tree made a difference in the lives of Henderson kids. I truly feel blessed to work with such a giving staff. I continue to be in awe of your kind hearts and generous spirits.

I appreciate Mrs. Rhodes in coordinating the “gift of time” lunches for all staff. Thank you to everyone who covered so that teachers and staff could enjoy a well deserved break for lunch.

Practice Makes Permanent

Please spend some time this week and next reviewing and practicing routines and procedures from the proper way to enter your room, turn in homework, pass up papers, sharpen pencils, to behavior in the cafeteria, restrooms and during small group. What is your procedure? How will you ensure kids get it right the second semester? If you spend time on that now, it will benefit the time spent on teaching tremendously! (This may mean not pulling a group to monitor closely and ensure students perform as expected)

Please carefully consider your restroom procedures. Things to consider are:

  • Several classes use the same restrooms-safety issue
  • Students are NOT monitored at the restrooms-safety issue
  • Time spent in the restroom is time NOT spent on academics

Please limit the number of times students can go to the restroom. (using common sense) Consider a sign out sheet so that you can monitor this more closely. You may want to assign a restroom partner to certain students and a monitor to pick up paper towels, etc. Talk to your students about the restroom and practice what proper procedures are.

Lock Down Drill

We will have an unannounced drill in the spring. Please remember to...

Keep classroom doors locked.

Hide students away from view.

Turn lights out and close blinds

Be ready to fight

Barricade your door (desks chairs shelves in front or tie)

Please take a few minutes to watch this video.

CareerSafe School Active Shooter Safety Video:


Peer Mediation

Please push peer mediation. We have trained students and staff to handle conflicts that are not being resolved through your efforts. Please contact Mrs. Rhodes if you need more information or would like to schedule one.


  • Please see agenda that was emailed out for details on how the day will go tomorrow.
  • Rigor article should be read and responded to by January 3rd. (teaching staff) Loving your insights to those who have already responded! This is needed before our PD on rigor tomorrow.
  • Focused Finish each Tuesday at the end of the day!
  • Paraprofessionals will be working on permanent records on January 4th with Mrs. Navarro and Mrs. Lopez.
  • Students MUST have a note to change transportation home. They cannot "tell" you. A parent must send a note. Parents can email the office to change transportation as well. They should NOT text.

Mark Your Calendar!


4th Staff Development Day - this is not designated a work day so please plan accordingly

(Plans due for week of the 11th) All paraprofessionals will help with permanent records.

5th Students first day back

6th Faculty Meeting 4:00pm

12 Spelling Bee 9:00am

HIP Meeting 4:00pm

PTO Meeting 6:00pm

13 Faculty Meeting

14th Freddy's Profit Share

15 Awards

20 Faculty Meeting

22 National Reading Day

27 Faculty Meeting

30 Erin's Lanyards (KKids)

Congratulations to Lauren Kahre, January Teacher of the Month!

Please submit nominations for teacher of the month to me at any time! I need your help as we have such a strong staff, if I do not have nominations I have a very difficult time selecting!

Congratulations to Casey Dawson, 212 Degree Medallion Recipient!