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Engaging Students Who Complete Work Early


We are getting to the point in the year where state testing has concluded, projects are being introduced, and final exams are being discussed. Along with the projects and activities come those students who excel, or work faster than the rest of students. Due to the time of year it is, we usually need to allow students the extra time to complete those assignments in order to complete them before the end of the year. But, how can we keep all students engaged if some are finished, and some are still working? Below are a few sites that students can be directed to if they complete work prior to everyone else.

A Google a Day

I covered this in a previous Ed Tech Tip, but A Google a Day is an awesome resource for students. A Google A Day presents you with a problem to solve and tests your search skills and knowledge to find the right answer. The website claims, "There's no right way to solve it, but there's only one right answer." As a matter of fact, I use this as an opener in my classes to increase students' search skills, and they really enjoy it.


iCivics is a website that displays civics information in an addicting manner. Students can run for president, run your own law firm to work with different rights, or be president for a day and make executive decisions, all while learning the process and learning how government works. I got caught up in running for President and focused on beating my cartoon opponent that I almost lost track of time. So, it has the potential to be an extremely engaging, educational choice for students.


GeoGuessr is my favorite sites to direct students to when they complete their work. In this interactive Google Maps game, students are dropped in a location somewhere in the world, and using clues around them, must determine where in the world they’re located. You can even narrow the location down to a specific country if you’re focusing on a certain country. This is a great way for students to learn about the surroundings of an area as well as the topographical landscape.

Mental Floss

Another neat resource for students is Mental Floss. It stages a ton of interesting facts, top 25 lists, and a different fact each time a new page is loaded. Although this carries only minor educational value, the knowledge gained from this site just may come in handy for the students in the future!

Free Rice

If you're unfamiliar with Free Rice, it's a really awesome website that asks educational trivia questions ranging from math to science to language arts. The idea is that for every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to help end world hunger. This could be a terrific way to gain some knowledge and help end hunger at the same time!

Quick, Draw!

Sometimes students enjoy doodling when their work is completed. A site that I enjoy (even as a terrible artist) is Quick, Draw! Think of this site as a Pictionary-type game that students are given an object and are to draw it using their mouse or touchpad. The built-in guesser attempts to discover what you are drawing, and points are rewarded for how quickly that is done. There are a series of six images in one set. An engaging activity for all students who enjoy drawing.

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