McKinney Boyd Band Newsletter

October 12th- October 19th

Weekly Announcements

Newsletter Synopsis (As of 10/9)

1. Tentative social movie night TBD on October 29th after our rehearsal on South parking lot. (More info below)

2. Don't forget to purchase your FB tickets on Sunday @ 1:00pm. (Letter attached below)

2. Homecoming week, we have a full band pep rally at 7:00pm on the JV field (More info Below). ***Only for students who participate in after school marching

3. View, Order & Share your band photos, Link below for Buzz photo online ordering!!

5. Game day Procedures/Timeline posted HERE (continue reading below for more detailed info)

6. Seniors, If you would like to be a MISD Scholar artist of the week, read the "blurb" below and send me your application with a hi-res photo! (More info below)

7. Need to make a payment on your account, but are not sure how? Please see this document for step by step instructions.

8. I have listed our most recent Covid 19 protocol/protection procedures HERE (CLICK).
Check out our Boyd band flow chart maps for during and after school rehearsals.

Movie night social October 29th planning in the works...

We are going to treat the band at the October 29th rehearsal with a Costume movie night.

Students can wear their Halloween costumes to rehearsal and then w are going to have a movie night projected in the south lot.

Times and info still to be determined.

We encourage you to bring a lawn chair, come as a family and enjoy some quality (socially distanced) time together.

***Attendance is not mandatory, just come as you would like.

Band families can purchase early online football tickets the Sunday before each game @ 1:00pm.

Our second window is this weekend (10/11). DON'T MISS IT!


All band students families ID's have been sent to athletic department, they are entering them into the ticketing system so that Band/Cheer/Drill/Football families can buy tickets first.

The window opens each week the Sunday before the Game at 1:00pm.

****Here is the linked letter from Dr. Peirson on where and how to purchase tickets:


**All volunteers (chaperones and field crew) are being asked to purchase tickets from the athletic department as well as wear their identifiable volunteer shirts for the home games. This helps them make sure they stay in compliance with UIL tracking capacity numbers.

UPDATED INFO: Full band pep rally on October 19th (HOCO week)

On October 19th we have our normal Monday rehearsal from 3:30-5:30 in order to prepare for our 3rd Thursday game/Homecoming.

The administrators have been looking for a way to have a pep rally for the fall and have added it on October 19th @ 7:00pm on the Turf Practice field (behind the school).

Our google calendar has been updated to match.

This will be a FULL MARCHING BAND performance. We will wear the same uniform as required for inspection for football games and will march our halftime show (What other pep rally are we allowed to do that?!)

3:30-5:30pm- Normal Rehearsal (need to have uniform on campus/on person)

5:30-6:15pm- Dinner Provided/Change into uniform (Students cannot/should not leave campus, not enough time)

6:15-6:20pm- Walk to JV field/begin setting up.

6:25pm- Band is set

6:30pm- Band begins playing stand tunes

7:00pm- Pep rally starts

7:55pm- Band performs halftime show

8:35pm- Tentative Dismissal.

We are excited for this opportunity to perform.

The band will be separated from the crowd and will be on the field for the entire duration.

Students, Please work with your employers to schedule off work (which you would need to do for the rehearsal anyway). It is also late enough where doctors appointments/drivers license tests should not be an issue.

Order your band photos from Buzz Photos

View, Share & order band photos from Buzz photos with this link:

Game Day Procedures and Timeline

Our second football game is THURSDAY OCTOBER 15TH vs. Byron Nelson at 7:00PM at our MISD stadium.

CLICK HERE for Game Day itinerary/timeline/ Inspection list

This process looks different from previous years:

1. Remember we are only traveling to home games this year (notated as VS. and not @ on the google calendar/FB schedule)

2. We will have an after school day rehearsal every home game day on the JV field (Behind the school) starting at 3:30pm

3. We will dismiss from the school for the kids to go home to eat (dinner provided by band as they dismiss) and gather their things to meet at the stadium by 5:45pm.

4. There will be no group bus traveling to and from due to COVID risk issues

5. Stadium reference map (CLICK). You can enter the stadium/park/be dropped off/picked up at the north entrance (McKinney Park Drive) and enter those first lots on the left (marked "Box trucks" and "buses" on the map). You will then head to the semi truck to grab your things (marked as "Tractor/Trailor" on map) and then organize in the Fine arts gate (marked as "props" on map).

5. After the game, DM/Section leaders and all those who house instruments on the semi/box truck will come unload at MBHS. Everyone else will be dismissed from the stadium.

Inspection is a process in which we can double check that all students have ALL the items in order to be UNIFORM and successful in the stands. Not having all the items can mean that you will not be allowed to perform with us in the stands/at the game and be sent home.

So please communicate your uniform needs to our Uniform/Spirit wear team NOW. and

Inspection Items:
• Official Red Band Dri-Fit Shirt (Tucked in)
• Official Blue Marching Athletic shorts
• Appropriate Athletic Shoes (Tennis shoes) No crocs, converse or sandals.
• Official Red Band Hat
• Official MBHS band Brass Bell cover
• Official MBHS band face covering/gaitor
• Official MBHS band water bottle and personalized covering
• White Marching Gloves
• Marching instrument/flip folder/music/ lyre's

This is the same process as it has been forever but we will now be inspecting at the stadium instead of at school.

Not passing inspection will prevent you from entering the stadium with the band and you will be sent home. Please prepare thoroughly ahead of time.

**We have now given out every alternative item that is approved until we get our back ordered items.Not picking them up or communicating your needs prior before inspection at the stadium will result in being sent home and not being allowed to participate for the game/halftime.

Seniors only! Scholar Artist's of the Week up for grabs!


1. Edit this file in the original Microsoft word format.

2. Turn it in with a High Resolution .jpg photo of yourself to Mr. Treadwell

Encourage you to brag about yourself a bit on the application. Probably good to keep it during your HS years and fairly Fine Arts related. Although if you are next in line to overthrow Joey Chestnut in the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Competition, that may be something exciting to hear about. ;)

Volunteer work, Church Mission trips, after school jobs, plans after high school are always encouraged to include.

Remind 101 UPDATE/ARCHIVE: Resign up for new group ASAP

Remind is the quickest and easiest way for us to send information out. ***We require all students to join and strongly encourage parents to do also in order to stay informed.

Text the following code to the #81010 :

9th grade student: @boydband9

10th grade student: @boydband10

11th grade student: @boydband11

12th grade student: @boydband12

9th grade parent: @mbbandfm9

10th grade parent: @mbbandfm10

11th grade parent: @mbbandfm11

12th grade parent: @mbbandfm12

Incoming parent/student (current 8th grader): @mbhs8to9

Spring Trip: Update

Latest update from Directors Choice (9/28):

We are going to send out our latest refund this week (9/28-10/2)

***Those families that purchased insurance will have to go back to their claim and adjust the amount that has been refunded!

All families who have purchased insurance can now begin filing their claims.

**Instead of cancelling policies for those families that signed up with with incorrect link, the company has changed the dates manually with our guidance.

Our dates are 4/24-4/27.

I have updated both groups (MBHS/MHS) for your group number/policy number reference in the Document Hub link below.

***Even though we are making progress, there are still forms that we do not have access to and are working to get more information. Please feel free to call/work with the insurance company for clarifications. I will update forms in the hub as I get them.

We have 15 months from point of cancellation to complete our claims.

Information that I currently have access to for claim purposes:

Official Cancellation date: 3/24/20 (NEW CANCELLATION LETTER NOW ADDED TO DRIVE)

Original Deposit date: 6/10/2019

Google Drive Claim Document Hub for Parents

(Will continue to be updated as information is made available to me):

Corpus Trip Cancellation Claim Documents

DC Coordinator contact info:

Allison Graham

Account Manager

Director's Choice


I hope that it is clear we are being as transparent in this process as we can and are all working to find solutions for everyone.

***Understand that this is a point of high stress for every director/travel agency in the country at this point. I do not have all the answers but you can rest assured that taking care of our families is the highest point of focus right now and doing right by you is my highest priority. I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to protect you and find solutions. If you reach out to me with trip questions, I will respond as quickly as I can within 24-48hrs. I appreciate all your grace and patience.

Calendar for the Week


Tuesday (10/13)- Full band rehearsal 3:30-5:30pm

Wednesday (10/14)-PSAT day during school, Full band rehearsal 3:30-5:30pm

Thursday (10/15) -MBHS vs. Byron Nelson @ 7:00pm

Friday (10/16)- NO REHEARSAL (Tutorials by appointment)

Looking Ahead

Monday 10/19- HOCO Pep Rally 7:00pm

Thursday 10/22- MBHS vs. Denton Braswell (Homecoming)

Thursday 10/29 - MBHS Band Family Movie night 7:00pm (South lot)

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