The Bobcat Roar

August 15th - 19th, 2022

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Principal Muñoz's Message:

Our focus into week 2 for our Bobcat Leaders is to develop and strengthen their skills as a Communicator. As IB students, our leaders work toward embodying Learner Profile attributes. Being a Communicator is one of the attributes. As communicators, our students work toward "understanding and expressing their ideas and thoughts confidently and creatively in more than 1 language; and are willing to work in collaboration with other." (IBO.Org) Our teachers will work with students in being communicators!


Monica M. Muñoz

Nuestro enfoque en la semana 2 para nuestros líderes Bobcat es desarrollar y fortalecer sus habilidades como comunicadores. Como alumnos del IB, nuestros líderes trabajan para desarrollar los atributos del perfil de la comunidad de aprendizaje. Ser Comunicador es uno de los atributos. Como comunicadores, nuestros estudiantes trabajan para "comprender y expresar sus ideas y pensamientos con confianza y creatividad en más de 1 idioma; y están dispuestos a trabajar en colaboración con otros". (IBO.Org) ¡Nuestros maestros trabajarán con los estudiantes para que sean comunicadores!


Monica M. Muñoz

What's happening around Las Palmas?/¿Qué pasa en Las Palmas?

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Calling all bobcat leaders to help one of our district high schools with their Peanut Butter Bowl! Students who donated a jar of peanut butter received a free dress day for Wednesday 8/17/22. Students donating a jar next week will receive a free dress day for Wednesday 8/24/22. Teachers will keep track of who brought a donation and tickets will be provided for the free dress day.

IB Term of the Week: Essential Agreements

IB schools use a student-centered and collaborative approach to education. This means students are encouraged to use their voice to share their ideas and take responsibility for their school and learning experience. Allowing students to have their voice heard helps build strong leadership skills and improve confidence in children. This is just one of many ways IB schools do things differently to develop lifelong skills starting at a young age.

Essential Agreements in IB schools are similar to norms or rules. One difference between essential agreements and traditional "rules" is that everyone in the group collaborates to develop the essential agreements and agree to them as a whole group. When there is an issue, students can refer back to the essential agreements to make sure everyone is being principled and keeping up their end of the agreement. Students are more likely to follow expectations if they have a part in developing them.

Our classes all spent time during the first week of school to develop their own classroom essential agreements. These are posted in the classroom as a reminder to everyone. Additional essential agreements are posted throughout the school for common areas. Students aren't the only ones who take part in creating essential agreements. Our teachers and staff also practice this by creating essential agreements for any staff meetings or collaborative planning.

“In classrooms, it’s collaborative. The kids are coming up with the rules, the essential agreements of “What do we want our room to look like? How do we want our room to flow?” … I think this speaks volumes about our philosophy here and the contribution that the IB has made.” -IB School Principal (IBO.ORG)

We will continue to share information about IB common terms here each week so you can support your leader both at school and at home.

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Examples of classroom essential agreements found around our campus


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