Martin Robison Delany

By: Myiah Oakman


"Do you know who Martin Robison Delany was. He was born on May 6, 1812.

He died on January 24, 1885 he died of tuberculosis . His death was in Wilberforce,Ohio. He was born a slave he work day to night. His grandparents was sent to Africa to be slaves when he was young."

Civil war

"Martin Robison Delany had civil war against slavery in 1865" and the ended in 1843 he had 11 children in 1843." He had a wife name Catherine". A. Delany. He helped many slaves for freedom. The time went by as he got older.He spent his life ending slavery for freedom.
"As a child Martin Delany Robison leaved in a slave state".His mother worked as a teamsteets she may have won slavery. He worked on corn fleelds as child. Martin Delany Robison was known as a author editor doctor. "Tell this day we still remember he helped many slaves for freedom".


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